Our services cover your products’ whole process



We listen to your products’ needs to find the best production options.


We negotiate every single detail in every order:  timing, quality, price and delivery so that you don’t have any unforeseen situation.


We hire the transport to deliver your product on time.


We find the best suppliers to meet your production requirements.


We check the product’s quality all through the process and we negotiate all the necessary certification, depending on the final destination.


We monitor your goods in the departure and arrival and you’re kept up with all the information regarding your product.


We offer you our 20 years’ international management experienced protocol to watch over your product.


We manage payments offering coverage in the exchange. Always granting a close, fixed price.


We perform the customs procedures and manage your product delivery anywhere around the world.


If you’re already working with China or you intend to do it in a near future, we’re you perfect ally


We advise you in your decision of where to produce

Studies prior to your decision: we carry out feasibility studies of supply for your product. We analyze the import costs from China and we validate the standards in terms of quality and capacity.

Approval of suppliers: we search the adequate suppliers for your competitive needs. We compare prices and production and service qualities and we only approve the ones that comply the highest standards.


We manage your production as a whole 

We become your supplier in China so that you only have to tell us about your product specifications and the reception in your warehouse. We’re your sole conversational partner in the process and assume the final responsibility in every purchase. We cover all the managing and supervision aspects of the production, quality control, logistics, legislation, tax law and coverage of currency risks.


We search and develop new products and packaging

We advise and put forward new products to complement your current portfolio thanks to our continuous prospecting of the Chinese market. We produce 3D prototypes to validate products and we take care of the necessary mold making.