Specialists in earphones for tour operators

Specialised division in the supply of earphones, radio guides and other products for tour operators


We supply tourist and passenger transport companies, museums and large tourist attractions.

Our more than 25 years of experience importing directly from China guarantee the quality and competitiveness of all our products.

Motivated by our clear commitment to sustainability, we developed a line of environmentally-friendly earphones and packaging.


The style, sound quality, branding and packaging of our customised earphones we produce are perfectly adapted to the needs of each client.

We carry permanent stocks of many of our styles in our Barcelona offices to guarantee immediate delivery.

Our flexible and agile distribution and storage service allows us to deliver products to different locations and countries under the same purchase order.

We supply quality earphones that guarantee user satisfaction

100% customisable earphones

Design your own model or customise one of ours down to the last detail.

We guide you through the choosing of the technical and design features to ensure the end product is best suited to your needs.



* Use the mouse to enlarge and rotate the image of the 3D model.

How do we do it?

1. Choose the model that’s best suited to your needs and budget

We offer the following stereo or mono models.

If you’d like another model, please let us know and we can show you the complete range.



2. Choose from the usual materials or, if you want to reduce your environmental impact, choose one of our three eco-friendly options

3. Select the sound quality that best suits your audio systems

We can modify the components of the earphones to increase the sound quality.

Adjusting the characteristics of the film, magnet and speaker lets us find the best solution for your sound needs and budget.

Good sound quality makes it easier for the user to reuse the earphones and create a positive memory of the experience.

4. Choose the best packaging in which to deliver the earphones to your customers

  • Reusable packaging
  • Individual sachet
  • Cardboard box
Check out our proposals for greener packaging

5. Customise the earphones and the packaging so they align with your brand and maximise your company’s visibility

We are specialists in customising and personalising products with a company’s brand and colours. We want to reinforce the image of your business.

Sample of one of our models suited to different corporate branding.

Order physical samples in your own corporate colours.

6. Tell us your requirements for receiving your goods and we’ll find you the most cost-effective and reliable logistics solution

The materials and quality of all our products and packaging can be fully customised and personalised with colours and prints.

We want to be your long-term partner in the supply of earphones anywhere in the world

Models in stock for immediate deliveries

Technical specifications

MAGNET Ferrite Ferrite Ferrite
SPEAKER SIZE ∅ 10mm ∅ 10mm ∅ 10mm
IMPEDANCE 32Ω ±1% 32Ω ±1% 32Ω ±1%
FREQUENCY 20Hz - 20KHz 20Hz - 20KHz 20Hz - 20KHz
SENSITIVITY 95dB ±5dB 95dB ±5dB 95dB ±5dB
WIRE 140cm ±5cm 140cm ±5cm 100cm ±5cm
PLUG ∅ 3.5mm ∅ 3.5mm ∅ 3.5mm
PACKAGING Compostable sachet Compostable sachet Compostable sachet


We offer earphones made from eco-friendly materials to reduce our products’ environmental impact and to satisfy the most sustainability-conscious users.

By incorporating post-consumer ABS materials or wheat straw fibre into the production process, we have developed sustainable solutions that reduce both CO2, emissions and plastic and energy consumption.

Choose ECOEARPHONES, our new line of more environmentally friendly earphones.


For more eco-friendly packaging, we propose:

Without individual sachet, in sets of 50 units

With 100% compostable individual sachets according to UNE-EN 13432 standard

Higher sound quality earphones


MAGNET Neodymium Neodymium Neodymium
SPEAKER SIZE ∅ 10mm ∅ 10mm ∅ 15mm
IMPEDANCE 32Ω ±1% 32Ω ±1% 32Ω ±1%
FREQUENCY 20Hz - 20KHz 20Hz - 20KHz 20Hz - 20KHz
SENSITIVITY 100dB ±5dB 100dB ±5dB 100dB ±5dB
WIRE 140cm ±5cm 140cm ±5cm 140cm ±5cm
PLUG ∅ 3.5mm ∅ 3.5mm ∅ 3.5mm

The 6 keys to our excellence

Complementary products

Our years of experience specialising in the procurement of Chinese products for both corporate and promotional use means we have a trusted network from whom we can supply other products that may be needed for your onboard service or to improve the user experience, all the while reinforcing your company's brand visibility.

Radio guides for guided tours, emergency ponchos, bags, blankets, etc.

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