We manage the manufacture and supply of your products from China


At Actia Sourcing & Solutions, our efficiency and know-how is the result of more than 25 years of experience and more than 5,000 projects carried out.

Our products are made according to each client’s specifications and requirements regarding quality, corporate image, packaging and regulations, and are 100% customisable.


Removing intermediaries and having the products manufactured and customised entirely in China means you make savings on both production costs and delivery times.

We take full responsibility for the purchase and delivery of your products and offer a quality guarantee, all included in one price.


Global results

Your project, tailor-made

Multidisciplinary team

Actia is made up of a multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience in each of the divisions and areas of specialisation.

Each production project is handled by a team of professional specialists to guarantee its success.

We provide added value to our clients through a comprehensive service that is fully adapted to the requirements and needs of their productions and shipments.

Design Thinking

The client is at the centre of our work. We focus on your needs and the achievement of your goals.

Moonshot thinking

We propose a solution to your needs with innovation, differentiation and the best quality/cost ratio.

Comprehensive service
Includes the entire manufacturing process and delivery of your products

Preliminary study of your needs

We will create a project that it is tailor-made to your product, packaging, delivery and supply needs.

Approval of suppliers

Selection of the most suitable supplier for the needs of each product and client, taking into account the price and the quality of both production and service.

Agreement of conditions

Negotiation of the best conditions for each production in terms of quality, price and delivery.

Management from A to Z

We cover all elements of production management and supervision, quality control, logistics, legal aspects, taxation and currency risk hedging.

Supply of goods

Deliveries to anywhere in the world tailored to your needs.

All this included in a fixed price agreed in advance.
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Development of new products

At Actia, we work to offer new products and packaging to our customers by consistently researching new market trends and staying in contact with a wide network of suppliers.

Eco-friendly product lines

At Actia, we work to reduce our environmental impact through our eco-friendly product lines and packaging for which we use recycled, recyclable and reusable materials.

We promote the manufacture of products and packaging from recycled materials in order to help reduce waste.


Corporate social responsibility

At Actia, we are aware of our responsibility.

We strive to innovate and improve our processes by prioritising quality, country-specific regulations, social and economic improvement, and reducing our impact on the environment.

At Actia, we strive to ensure long-term satisfaction for our clients and to work as part of their teams as a strategic partner

Why work with Actia?


Actia Sourcing & Solutions offers the best service for the development, production and supply of products manufactured in China, all the while ensuring compliance with regulations and a commitment to society and the environment.

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